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Hardy kiwis are among the more than 50 varieties of kiwifruit which are native to southeast Asia.  While still occasionally referred to as Chinese gooseberries, use of the kiwi label in describing these different varieties of fruit appears to have been the result of a successful marketing effort by growers of these plants in New Zealand.  If the term kiwifruit has led to a common misperception as to the place of origin for these plants, there has also been a similar misperception that they are a tropical plant, although most varieties of kiwifruit have their origins, and do best, in more moderate, or even colder, climates.

     While consumers in the United States have become increasingly familiar with the variety of kiwifruit known as the  fuzzy kiwis which is found in most grocery stores, hardy kiwis have remained an unknown fruit for most American as attempts to commercialize this fruit have been limited due, at least in part, to its relatively short "shelf-life."  However, given their rather extraordinary nutritional value, combined with their distinctive kiwi flavor, the popularity and availability of hardy kiwis appears to be on the rise.  Broken Shovel Kiwi Farm, in turn, hopes to do its small part in increasing the availability, and public awareness, of this rather incredible fruit.  Eat it fresh, make a kiwi salsa, or use it in various baked goods; all good uses for this wonderful fruit.  l

Hardy Kiwis:  "Perhaps the healthiest thing you will eat all week, maybe all year."


Hardy Kiwis ripen later than most fruit, usually from late September through early November.

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Mossyrock, summer 2023
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