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     While the Hardy Kiwi plants in Burien are now old enough to produce fruit, their production is expected to remain somewhat limited.  However, for 2023 it is hoped, and expected, that the plants in Mossyrock will begin producing enough berries to noticeably increase the amount of fresh kiwi berries for sale this coming fall at various Seattle farmers markets (most noticeably, the West Seattle Farmers Market from the end of September through the end of October/first week of November - Sundays from 10am to 2pm, and the Columbia City market from the end of September through mid-October, Wednesdays from 3pm to 7pm).  With the additional berries expected from the Mossyrock site, this should allow for an expanded variety of frozen hardy kiwi products to be produced and available for sale, including different sized bags of frozen and vacuum sealed "vine ripened" hardy kiwi berries as well as the low sugar freezer jams and kiwi salsa sold at the farmers markets the previous two years.   

     Depending on this year's crop size, special orders for the different types of hardy kiwi produces will also, hopefully, be available throughout the year by contacting us at  Anticipated produces will include the different sized bags of frozen hardy kiwis, as well as some specialty items such as the salsa made with the Ken's Red variety of berries, and some hardy kiwi sorbets made with a number of the different berry varieties.        

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