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Nine varieties of Hardy Kiwis are grown at the Broken Shovel Kiwi Farm. The four most common varieties are shown below: 

Anna (Ananasnaya) is the most commonly grown Hardy Kiwi in the United State,with this variety primarily grown at the Burien farm site.

     The skin of the Anna can vary in color from green to red, depending on the amount of sun exposure they receive, and have been described as having a good aroma and a sweet, intense kiwi flavor. 

Ken's Red is a variety of Hardy Kiwi which produces a relatively large berry who's color changes from green to a dark red/burgundy as it ripens.  The Ken's Red berry is especially sweet, with Brix readings up to 28 for berries from the Burien property.  As of 2023, there are now 55 Ken's Reds growing on the two properties.   

The Michigan State variety of  Hardy Kiwis produces a large green cyclinder shaped berry which can weight up to 1 oz.  Early results have shown it to make an especially flavorful kiwi salsa, as well as a delicious low sugar freezer jam.  And as the owner is a graduate of Michigan State University, these berries are especially prized.    

web photo early cordifolia.jpg

The Early Cordifolia variety of Hardy Kiwis has a pumpkin shaped green berry which has been described as especially sweet.  2023 will be the first year this variety is producing berries, with expectations this will be an especially popular berry when eaten fresh.  If its name holds true, this will be the first variety to ripen and be brought to market (mid-September?).

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