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Farm Location



The Burien Site is 1/2 acre; the original "test site" for efforts to learn about hardy kiwis and how to grow them.  59 Hardy Kiwi plants are currently crowded into this site, with eight different varieties of hardy kiwis growing here to help understand differences in how best to grow them, and (perhaps more importantly) how potential customers will respond to the noticeably different tastes and textures found in the berries of these different varieties  . 


The Mossyrock site is 5 acres with 140 Hardy Kiwi plants currently ranging in age from 2 to 7 years old (2023).  Five varieties of hardy kiwis are currently planted and growing here, predominantly the Ken's Red, Michigan State, and Early Cordifolia varieties.  Site is located 1 mile northwest of the small city/town of Mossyrock and consists mostly of sloping grassy pasture land with a rather pleasant view of the surrounding mountains; making for an enjoyable location to relax after some rather exhausting disagreements with the hardy kiwi plants on how they should grow.  In spite of these disagreements, 2023 is on track to be the first year the Mossyrock property will produce a sizeable berry crop (2022 saw a freeze just when the leaf buds were opening, killing both the leaves and the possibility of a marketable crop).  

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